What's Your Perfect Body Curves?

There are many feminine body shapes, and you can get a slim one

They say the most attractive curve a woman can have is her smile. We couldn't agree more. But there is another type of curve that puts a smile on a lady's face and that curve is known as your body shape.

First, let's answer some questions on body shape – how many types are there and how do you determine which body curves you have. The most famous one is the hourglass body; curvy in the right places – boobs and butt. If you have an hourglass body, your bust and butt will be wider and bigger while your waist tends to be smaller. The next body shape is circular or more commonly known as the apple. Women with this body shape have smaller shoulders and hips, with fats being stored at the stomach area. An apple shaped lady has body curves at one area which is the tummy.

Marie France | Body Shape | Slimming Centre Malaysia

The next body shape is known as the trianglebody shape. Triangular shaped ladies have a heavier bottom with a tiny waist and shoulder. Another shape would be the inverted triangle shape which is the opposite of the triangle body shape. This type is usually related to athletics as the built is strong. The shoulders and the chest are broad while the tummy and waist are smaller. Finally, the lastbody shape is the ruler. Those who have a ruler shape body have tiny curves only at the hips, with their shoulders and torso being straight like a ruler.

How do you get your dream body shape?

Marie France | Body Shape | Slimming Centre Malaysia

Are you thinking that all hope is lost after realizing what your body shape is? Don't kiss your dream curves goodbye yet. Marie France Bodyline is here to help you get your dream curves. The latest technology from Marie France Bodyline, the INDIBA Body Curve System shapes and tones your body by revitalizing it from within. Using a patented technology known as the Proionic® System, it is a type of monopolar wave that reaches deeper into the most stubborn fatty tissue layer. Clinical studies have shown results for reduction of fats and body shaping, with reduction of up to 14.5% of interstitial oedema and adipose tissue. Cellulite, stretch marks and saggy arms are reduced as skin throughout the body is tightened.

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*As causes for being overweight vary from person to person, weight loss results will also vary from person to person, dependant on various genetic or environmental factors such as food intake, individual rate of metabolism, level of exercise, etc. No individual result should be seen as typical.