Is the BMI formula an accurate weight indicator?

The Body Mass Index Formula is used to determine if one's in a healthy condition

How do you tell if you’ve gained weight? Well, most of us will measure using physical attributes such as “My arms are flabbier” or “My jeans are getting tight.” But, perhaps that isn’t the most accurate way to indicate that you’ve gained a few kilos.

One way to measure if you’ve gained weight is by using the Body Mass Index or BMI. The BMI is a metric used in to determine if a person weight is at a healthy level. You can calculate your BMI by using the BMI formula whereby a person’s weight (kilograms) is divided by their height (meters): Weight (kg)/ Height (m). The number you get is then defined by a chart like the one below:

BMI Formula | Body Fat Calculator | Weight Loss Malaysia

Invented in the mid-10th century by Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet, the BMI has become one of the most objective measurement standards in modern days. Through the weight quality of a person, the BMI helps analyse the overall body size and might even assist in identifying possible illnesses. However, it should be made clear that the BMI is not a body fat calculator and it should not be used to measure one’s body fat percentage.

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BMI Formula | Body Fat Calculator | Weight Loss Malaysia

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*As causes for being overweight vary from person to person, weight loss results will also vary from person to person, dependant on various genetic or environmental factors such as food intake, individual rate of metabolism, level of exercise, etc. No individual result should be seen as typical.