Diets: Not your best path to a slim body

Many people try diets as the first option to lose weight. But… Are diets the best choice?

What’s the first thing you think of when you want to lose weight? DIET, that’s the most common go-to for weight loss. People will try any diet to lose weight and get that dream body shape. But what are diets? Defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as being either a) a habitual nourishment, b) a kind and amount of food prescribed to a person for a special reason or d) a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce weight, a typical diet nowadays is a combination of all three meanings. Diets are a type of food eaten in smaller portions on a daily basis. There are many types of diets out there such as the cabbage soup diets, vegan diet, low-carb diets, detox diets like liver flushes or bodily cleansing aka “The-toilet-is-my-new-best-friend” diet and then there’s the one where you eat nothing at all called fasting. Diets are a favourite slimming treatment as it produces results fast and it is usually cheaper than going to a slimming centre.

Dieting makes you fatter

Slim body | Weight Loss | Slimming Centre Malaysia

However, diet plans do not guarantee long term successful weight loss. Diet plans either offer quick results or they aren’t sustainable mainly because of the simple reason that you are depriving your body of certain foods and that will weaken your spirits. There are various types of diets out there and each have a different theme as mentioned above. Relying purely on dieting can cause your body to gain more weight as several studies have shown. Here’s a simple breakdown explaining why it is so: dieting ? slower metabolism + muscle depreciation (which also leads to a lower metabolism rate) = a super hike in weight gain after you stop dieting. Let’s face it; you can’t go on a diet forever simply because you can’t deprive your body of certain foods (cravings) and also nutrients. Your body just won’t function properly. After we’ve told you all this, are you still planning on skipping your next meal? Better not.

The most effective weight loss is a combination of proper eating with a good balance of active lifestyle. How do you know what the right food to eat is and how much must you work out? Seek professional advice! There are various slimming centres in Malaysia that can promise to give you your dream body shape but be sure to consult one that thinks about not only your physical wellbeing but also your inner wellbeing, which is your health. A visit to Marie France Bodyline will ensure you get the best of both worlds as our dedicated consultants will seat you down and have a chat with you first. We want to get to know your habits and preferences, as well as your troubled areas before we come up with a customized plan that consists of the right eating plan and slimming treatment to give you the most effective, long-term results. Interested to find out more? You can drop by any of our Marie France Bodyline centres for a free consultation! Make an appointment here today:

Slim body | Weight Loss | Slimming Centre Malaysia

*As causes for being overweight vary from person to person, weight loss results will also vary from person to person, dependant on various genetic or environmental factors such as food intake, individual rate of metabolism, level of exercise, etc. No individual result should be seen as typical.