Skinny does not mean you are healthy nor beautiful

Is being very skinny actually healthy or it's better to have a healhty slim body?

When we mention fashion shows and runways, the first thought that comes to mind are the hot, slim and thin figures of the models that walk down the camera-flashing path. Models, like air-stewardesses have been every girl’s dream job since they were aware of the existence of high heels. The body shapes these models have are skinny and slender and since these body shapes are the ones that strut down the famed runway, it is identified as the ideal dream body. Yet, the path to achieving this ideal body has been harshly criticized as unhealthy and a poor reflection of how beauty is.

Slim Body | Skinny Body | Healthy skinny | Body Shape

Recent years have seen famous magazines and fashion labels pick skinny girls to walk down the runway, sending out a vision of a dream that calls for drastic measures such as serious dieting to earn that slim body. These dieting methods have caused drastic health implications to the models. So the question comes down to this, how do we determine if our weight is healthy for our size? We, at Marie France Bodyline use the BMI Formula to access our clients’ ideal body based on their weight and height. The BMI Formula is a fairly accurate body fat calculator. Though the BMI does not measure a person’s body fat directly, it does give you a good representation of body fat percentage which is good to determine one’s weight status. At Marie France Bodyline, our consultants will use your BMI figures as a weight loss calculator to determine which slimming treatment will work best for you.

Slim Body | Skinny Body | Healthy skinny | Body Shape

It’s normal for people to want to take the fast route to losing weight. Everyone wants to jump into that pretty dress with those dream curves and make heads turn in your direction. We love the confidence! But yet, an unhealthy way to losing weight isn’t beneficial for you in the short and long run. Improper slimming methods like drastic dieting and intense physical activity can be detrimental to your health. Always remember to put your health first, figure later when thinking of a diet plan. The best way is to consult professional advice because they are trained to prioritize your health. Our Marie France Bodyline consultants are dedicated to doing just that. A visit to any of our centres for a consultation is free of charge. The benefits you get is that you will be clearer on how much weight you need to lose and which slimming treatment works most efficient. Even better is that our programs can be customized to target specific areas as well, giving you an effective method to achieving that dream body shape. Take the healthier, safer path to a svelte figure with Marie France Bodyline. Drop by our centres for your free consultation or make an appointment today here:

*As causes for being overweight vary from person to person, weight loss results will also vary from person to person, dependant on various genetic or environmental factors such as food intake, individual rate of metabolism, level of exercise, etc. No individual result should be seen as typical.