What Is The Best Body Fat Calculator?

At one point or another, for several reasons, we become curious about how much body fat we have. Knowing your body fat would allow you to become aware of your own body and how to effectively reduce fat and slim down fast. There are a lot of ways to determine one’s body fat but not all body fat calculators are accurate or even reliable. With the lack of proper information regarding body fat calculators, people are easily misled about what really is the best body fat calculator out there.

Body Fat Calculator Solutions for Inch Loss

The most popular and widely used body fat calculator is the Body Mass Index (BMI) Formula. The BMI measures the index of a person’s body size relative to his/her weight and height. Once the index is determined, it is classified under three categories: (1) Underweight, (2) Normal, (3) Overweight or (4) Obese. Quick and simple isn’t it? So why should you consider other body fat calculators? The BMI Formula has been around since the 1830s but recently, claims have been made that the BMI can be inaccurate at determining body fat. The BMI formula cannot give you the exact percentage of your total body fat. It only measures your body mass relative to height and weight. Things like muscle density, muscle-fat ratio, and the like are not taken into account in the BMI Formula. Therefore, to be able to be certain about your exact body fat percentage it’s better to consult with a professional.

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*As causes for being overweight vary from person to person, weight loss results will also vary from person to person, dependant on various genetic or environmental factors such as food intake, individual rate of metabolism, level of exercise, etc. No individual result should be seen as typical.