Different shapes and different sizes

Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large – S, M, L and XL are terms famously seen to address our clothes sizes. But, these sizes are not an accurate representation of our body shapes. There are 4 types of body shapes – apple, pear, hourglass and straight body shape. These various curves are what makes each woman attractive. Yet, each body shape has its weak points. Here's a short description for each shape:

The Apple-shape woman have heavier busts and slimmer hips. Basically imagine a triangle with its flat base on top and pointed edge below. This type ofbody shape usually have a defined waist and slim legs but they gain weight at the upper body.Pear-shaped ladies are the opposite from Apple ladies. Their hips are larger than their tops, thus they gain weight around their waist areas first then on their upper body. Pear shapes are most common among women.

The Hourglass body shape is seen as the perfect shape. This body type has a defined bust, hips and waist ratio. The top and bottom are almost equally proportioned with the waist being smaller. Straight or ruler-shape women have almost similar bust and hips ratio. There's also no defined waist line, so the body looks straight like a ruler.

A perfect body shape is possible

Now that you know a brief description about your lady curves, it's time to discover that different body shapes require different workout routines to sculpt and tone that lady curves of yours. Some body shapes require you to focus on your leg or thighs, upper half or lower half. Each body shape needs different focus area which most of the time, is hard to target through workouts.

Marie France | Slim Body Shape | Slimming Treatment

If you're unsure which body shape you have, drop by any Marie France Bodyline centres and our advisors will assist you. There are also various treatments to help with weight lost management. One of it iss Marie France Bodyline's VS3 Radio Wave Body Perfector. It is the first slimming treatment in Singapore and Malaysia to use radio wave technology (a powerful combination of bi-polar frequency, infrared energy and vacuum action) to penetrate up to 15mm, inducing deep heat into underlying layers of skin tissue and fat. This deep heat technique stimulates fat metabolism and collagen reproduction.

Marie France | Slim Body Shape | Slimming Treatment

The VS3 Radio Wave Body Perfector is also enhanced with BioComplex and Chocolate Mousse Body Pack that stimulates circulation, detoxifies, tones and nourishes skin for a firmer and smoother contour. Medical trials have shown consistent results for effective targeted fat reduction and improvement in the appearance of cellulite. Trial participations saw an averag of 24cm reduction overall. With the VS3 Radio Wave Perfector, the various body shapes needn't bother you any longer.

Head over to the nearest Marie France centre or read more about the VS3 Radio Wave Perfector and our other services here: http://www.mariefrance.com.my/contouring.html#vs3

*As causes for being overweight vary from person to person, weight loss results will also vary from person to person, dependant on various genetic or environmental factors such as food intake, individual rate of metabolism, level of exercise, etc. No individual result should be seen as typical.