Fann's Weekly Progress

Week 10

Redefined, Revealed.*

December is a busy month for Fann as she is back at work filming her new show, as well as the holiday preparations!

As we approach the final leg of the Redefine stage this week, more sculpting and toning effects are unveiled. This is achieved through her body's natural functional memory, with minimal stimulation from our treatments.
She concludes her 14 weeks slimming journey with us, with the following results -

  • Total weight loss: 16kg*
  • Total inches loss: 29”*

It's truly a defining journey for us, witnessing Fann's slender transformation with each visit.

Now, brace yourself and watch this space for Fann's ultimate reveal next!
Slimming down also goes by a healthy lifestyle and Fann understood it!
Focus on the good things to make a successful diet!
Week 7-9

One. With The Slimming Power of Four.*

We're mid-way through the second phase and Fann's showing significant improvements each week, with visible fat loss, especially around hard to reach areas like her arms and thighs.

This week, we introduced another award winning treatment to Fann – V'Pro System. This treatment combines 4 advanced technologies to further purge stubborn fats to boost weight loss and contouring effects. This cutting-edge system also includes an advanced vacuum therapy and roller massage to improve Fann's circulation and help reduce cellulite and stimulate collagen production.

Benefits from this treatment will increase as Fann continues with Indiba BodyCurve System treatment. Reaching deeper to break down the source of stubborn fats and further sculpt the shape and tone of her body.

More targeted improvements will start to show in the following weeks to come, with detoxing benefits surfacing through better overall circulation and healthier skin. Together with the weight loss, Fann's body contours will also be further defined, especially in areas around her face and tummy.

This is a great start for Fann as she prepares for Phase 3 (Redefine stage) next week! Stay tuned for more updates.
Fann is in cover of NuYou!
Week 4-6

Setting Our Sights On Perfection*

Fann exuded great confidence in starting week 4 of her treatment programme. Since last week she has seen good improvements. In addition to her steady weight loss, signs of cellulite, stretch marks and saggy arms were reduced.

Now it's time for Fann to experience Marie France Bodyline's highly sought after Pro-Freeze treatment. Our Pro-Freeze treatment is an advanced innovation that is clinically proven to dissolve up to 25% of stubborn fats and is widely known to be the non-invasive alternative to liposuction. Adopting a precise approach to slimming, this system is ideal for targeting fat and inch loss at specific areas in the body. And it can be customised to create the right intensity to suit the desired weight loss target.*

With Marie France Bodyline's Pro-Freeze treatment, Fann is well on her way to achieving her desired goal. As she progresses to the next phase of treatments during the upcoming weeks, Fann is set to experience even more slimming results, with a steady increase in metabolism and improvements to her skin's firmness and overall texture. And we will be right there to help her every step of the way.

Stay tuned for more updates next week!
Fann is radiant after 6 weeks of our Slimming Treatment!
Week 3

Sculpting From Deep Within*

We're only 14 days in and Fann's showing steady progress. This week, her water retention level was reduced. The rate of weight loss maintained at an optimum level, with signs of slimming around her face and body. Fann happily shared with us that her loved ones also commented on her visible reduction in weight.* Fann was more excited to achieve her slimming goals! And we were more than happy to help her achieve it.

We started Fann on Marie France Bodyline's cutting-edge Indiba BodyCurve System to focus on accentuating the shape and tone of her body. Formulated with the patented Proionic® System's monopolar waves, this system goes deep into the source of fats, reaching even the most stubborn fatty tissues to reduce them.

Clinical studies have proven that our Indiba BodyCurve System results in positive body contouring and skin firming effects, showing up to 14.5% reduction in fatty tissues between the body cells and up to 20% increase in skin elasticity.
Week 2

Slimming Down, Shaping Up.*

After the very encouraging start, Fann was delighted when she started seeing improvements. She saw a drop in both weight and inches signalling a healthy reduction in body fat and water retention levels. Her skin was also visibly firmer than before, indicating a great improvement in blood circulation.

It's now time for Fann to start her next treatment. We introduced her to Marie France Bodyline's revolutionary Chromolite Body System (CLS3). CLS3 is a breakthrough treatment that harnesses the power of infrared rays to promote higher metabolism and increase the production of anti-oxidants. Thus, boosting the body's contouring effects and reducing fat tissues.

We also coupled our scientifically proven Colour Therapy component to Fann's treatment programme to better tone, nourish and stimulate circulation. Colour Therapy utilises a body mask that uses the therapeutic effects of colour to achieve greater skin tone and nourishment. It also speeds up blood circulation and tissue oxygenation to accelerate the body's ability to slim down.

We can't wait to see Fann's progress next week!
Fann's Selfie in our Slimming centre!
Fann in a consultation with her slimming specialist
Fann Wong's appointment with a nutritionist assisting her diet
Fann Wong meets with Marie France Consultant for slimming treatments
Week 1

Off To A Great Start!*

8 weeks after delivery, Fann's post-natal slimming journey has finally begun! To get her off to a great start, we used Marie France Bodyline's complete state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to carry out an overall assessment of her current body weight, fat percentage, level of water retention, whilst identifying stubborn fat areas and signs of cellulite. Getting a precise overall assessment helped us identify the problem areas accurately and help tailor our treatments to suit Fann's desired slimming goals and progress.

Our consultants then planned out achievable periodic weight loss targets throughout the treatment programme taking into account the various modifications to Fann's lifestyle after her 6-8 week confinement diet.

With all goals and treatments meticulously planned out, Fann was eager to start off on Phase 1 of the treatment programme. Customised specifically to help Fann detoxify while improving her blood circulation, the Phase 1 treatments also aided in lymphatic drainage as well as reducing soft fats, water retention and cellulite.

Fann was impressed as she felt a boost in metabolism, which will assist a healthy weight loss.
Fann is ready for her Slimming Treatment!
Fann Wong's Progress: Week 1 1/2
Fann Wong's Progress: Week 1 2/2
*As causes for being overweight vary from person to person, weight loss results will also vary from person to person, dependant on various genetic or environmental factors such as food intake, individual rate of metabolism, level of exercise, etc. No individual result should be seen as typical.