Marie France Bodyline - Slimming Treatments brings you
SPIRU-TEIN Non-GMO Gold Standard Protein Energy Shake using plant proteins that conforms to all European Union Standards for genetic identity preservation. SPIRU-TEIN is also certified and tested to constantly meet 100% of daily vitamins and contains broad spectrum of minerals and amino acids to complement your dietary and nutritional needs for weight management, maintenance, fitness, health and wellbeing.
SPIRU-TEIN Non-GMO Gold Standard Protein Energy Shake
Who needs SPIRU-TEIN

Benefits of increased protein in diet

A diet high in protein aids fat loss, sustain weight loss results and retains lean muscle mass. After careful searching, Marie France Bodyline brings you SPIRU-TEIN, the number one meal replacement protein energy shake in America.

Not all proteins are the same

SPIRU-TEIN is a Non-GMO Gold Standard Protein Energy Shake. To achieve the highest of standards, it contains Non-GMO sources of natural protein blend that are tested and conforms to all European Union Standards. SPIRU-TEIN's broad spectrum protein is from its pioneering, patent-pending Tri-Part protein blend of non-GMO rice protein, isolated soy and non-fermented soy proteins. It contains germinated chia seeds, brown rice, peas, flax seeds and added natural nutrition to give you a high nutrition value that is easily absorbed.

Nutrition is the key to fat loss, hormone balancing, muscle building and cell repairing

Many rigorous evaluation and studies shows that high quality nutrition increases and sustains successful weight loss.

  • 100% of the daily value of all vitamins
  • broad spectrum of essential minerals for wellbeing
  • enzymes from Papain and Bromelain for repair and cleansing
  • diet aids from Lecithin, Spirulina, Choline and Inositol
  • high fiber from Bran, Cellulose and Apple Pectin

A natural, high protein and high nutrition meal in one to satiate, nourish, detox and aid fat loss. It has all the best of natural goodness – non GMO gold standard soy, sprouted chia seeds, sprouted flax seeds, sprouted brown rice, peas, spirulina, papain, bromelain, mangosteen, noni, goji berry, acai berry, pomegranate and bee pollen.

SPIRU-TEIN is regularly tested to meet and often surpasses its stated nutritional values

Complete Broad Spectrum Protein Complex - 18 types of amino acids and Gama Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) ; 100% of daily value of all vitamins –Essentials Vitamin A,C,D,E,K; Essential Fatty Acids - Omega 3,6,9; Vitamin B Complex - Riboflavin, Niacin, Thiamin, Folic Acid, B12, Choline, Inositol, B6, Biotin; Essential Minerals - Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Iodine, Magnesium, Selenium, Manganese, Chromium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Molybdenum, Pantotheric Acid; Enzyme - Bromelaine and Papaine; Carbohydrates; Fibers - Soluble and non-soluble fiber.

It meets all nutrition derived from the Asian Food Pyramid.

Weight Management

Increased protein promotes fat loss, satiates appetite, builds lean muscle mass and promotes metabolic rate, control insulin spikes and curbs cravings. In the long run, it helps retain lean muscle, tones and builds skin elasticity, reducing stretch marks. Its plant fibers regulate, cleanse and detox, inhibits water retention. Its anti-stress properties derived from its minerals, balances cortisol thus helping reduces waistline and visceral fat.

Balance and Wellbeing

A high nutrition intake and absorption promotes general health and wellbeing. Its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation properties prevent degenerative diseases. Free from the many allergens plaguing our food today and causing our body to inflame, SPIRU-TEIN is Gluten free and GMO free, relieving inflammation and toxicity. Digestion and digestive tracks begins to heal thus nutrition are then well absorbed. Eye vision, bones and joints health are also improved.

Beauty from Within

SPIRU-TEIN's high nutrition, quality protein, silica and mineral aids in cell regeneration, promotes collagen production, skin's hydration, minimizes appearances of cellulite and prevents premature aging. High quality, natural and Non-GMO ingredients fights toxicity and heals inflammation that causes skin allergies and acnes. High nutrition enhances hair growth; hair is lustrous, shiny and strong. Hair loss is reduced and prevents premature graying and balding. Nails are stronger from the benefits from its high protein.


SPIRU-TEIN is convenient and fast to fit into your busy lifestyle. Use it as a meal replacement, added supplement or for an energy boost.

Convenient Weight Management

Its low calorie content and high nutrition makes it a great meal replacement for weight loss and maintenance. Replaces it with a meal or two depending on weight loss goals for full nutrition and satiety from high quality protein.

Energy on the Go

It is great as an energy booster with its high nutrition. A far better replacement of coffee, cola, energy drinks and other sugary boosters, it replenishes energy in a healthy way and balances insulin spike. Used before and after exercises to help build and tone lean muscle mass.

Nutrition on Demand

Ensures nutritional needs are met and absorbed with SPIRU-TEIN. In today's world where food are tainted and where we run on empty, it is crucial to provide our bodies with quality nutrition. Fighting starvation and deprivation is like fighting against the tides, our body naturally craves nutrition. SPIRU-TEIN satiates and nourishes, making the path to fitness a smooth journey.

Use SPIRU-TEIN to ensure nutritional needs are met, especially for those who often skip meals, on a dietary regime or have irregular meals.

SPIRU-TEIN is also suitable for vegans, vegetarians, those with lactose and gluten intolerance. It is a source of high quality protein and dairy replacement.

Sustainable Regime

SPIRU-TEIN is convenient and delicious. Most regime failand fitness goals are not met because it is either notconvenient or is not satisfying taste wise. Our lives are fast and complicated,SPIRU-TEIN makes it convenient and simple. Easy to make and bring along, it serves as a tool for your goals.

Our mind craves tastes and variety. Available in delicious Exotic Red Fruit and Chocolate Fudge Crunch, add other ingredients to create a delectable variety that will continue to delight and satisfy you.

Studies show that high protein consumption increases weight lost, increases fat loss, increases metabolism and preserves lean muscle mass. In addition, high quality nutrition increases and sustains successful weight loss. (References: American Society for Clinical Nutrition, 2008, 2015; Harvard School of Public Health, 2011; Is your protein shake safe?; GMOs and side effects)

Comparison of SPIRU-TEIN with other meal replacements, energy boosters and multi-vitamins

SPIRU-TEIN Multi Vitamins
Nutrition sourced from natural certified non-GMO food Source of vitamins likely unknown
Contains 100% daily value of vitamins May be using synthetic vitamins
Contains essential fatty acids Likely to contain chemical fillers and binding agents
Broad spectrum essential vitamins and Minerals May not contain 100% daily value of all essential vitamins
Premium quality plant proteins from various and natural sources which are certified non-GMO May not contain the whole spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals
Source of fiber from grains and fruits Needs to be taken after meal to maximize absorption
A meal in itself  
Easily absorbed by the body  

SPIRU-TEIN Energy Drinks
Super Foods such as Bee Pollen, Spirulina, Chia and Vitamin B Complex provide instant and sustained energy boost “Quick lift” that may cause elevated heart rate, hypertension, anxiety and interrupted sleep pattern
Low GI that will not cause blood sugar spike and sugar cravings High sugar content causes blood sugar spikes and crashes creating sugar cravings
Aids in weight management Promotes fat storage and inhibits weight loss
No known side effect shown in long term consumption - Long term consumption may lead to diabetic, heart palpitation and adrenal fatigue

- Over dose may lead to sudden death and cancer

- May cause complications to people who are on medication for heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol

SPIRU-TEIN Meal Replacements
Gold Standard, High Quality broad spectrum protein blend Source of protein commonly from whey protein, milk protein and genetically modified soy
Does not contain heavy metals Genetically Modified (GM) plants and animals fed on GM feeds are found to cause infertility, immune problems, accelerated ageing, faulty insulin regulation and changes major organs, hormones and gastrointestinal system
Does not contain unhealthy ingredients such as antibiotics, artificial color, pesticides, carrageenan, etc - May contain heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium and lead

- May contain unhealthy ingredients such as antibiotics, artificial color, pesticides, carrageenan, etc

Comparison Overview

  SPIRU-TEIN Multi-Vitamins Energy Drinks Other Meal Replacement
Certified Natural Food Source x    
Tested to meet 100% Daily Vitamins x    
Tested for Broad Spectrum Vitamins & Minerals x    
Low Glycemic Index   x  
No Known Side Effects   x  
Natural Source of Energy Boosts   x  
Certified Non-GMO     x
No Heavy Metals     x
No Unhealthy Ingredients     x

Serving Suggestions

(one scoop)
Chilled beverages
Estimated Calories
Double Fudge Crunch
(120 calories)
Almond milk
Skim milk
Rice milk
Black soy milk
Exotic Red Fruit
(120 calories)
Fresh grapefruit juice
Fresh orange juice
Fresh papaya juice
Organic cranberry juice

Served chilled. Additionally, can be frozen in ice cream mould or maker for a delicious treat.

SPIRU-TEIN Smoothies

SPIRU-TEIN plus Chilled beverages Additional ingredients plus Ice Cubes Estimated Calories
Double Fudge Crunch + Almond milk 1 piece banana* 260
Double Fudge Crunch + Skim milk 1 cup yogurt* 320
Double Fudge Crunch + Rice milk ¼ cup walnut* 400
Double Fudge Crunch + Black soy milk ¼ cup peanuts* 360

SPIRU-TEIN Breakfast Cereals

SPIRU-TEIN plus Chilled beverages Additional ingredients Estimated Calories
Exotic Red Fruit + Grapefruit juice 1 bowl (30g) cereals** 360
Exotic Red Fruit + Orange juice 30g seeds & nuts muesli* 410
Exotic Red Fruit + Pineapple juice 1 bowl (30g) cereals* 402
Exotic Red Fruit + Organic cranberry juice 30g seeds & nuts muesli* 385

*Amount can be varied according to preference

Contra Indications

Suitable for all except diabetic patients and those with soy allergies.

Customer Reviews

Reviews excerpt from Verified SPIRU-TEIN's users.
Great stuff!I've lost 20 lbs. using SPIRU-TEIN. It's great-tasting and extremely healthy. As I'm allergic to milk products and more or less vegetarian, SPIRU-TEIN is a Godsend. I need to lose 20 more lbs., and I'll be able to get my MS-weakened body (Multiple Sclerosis sufferer) around a lot easier. This product also makes me feel good. Honestly, all the flavors of this product, mixed with either soy milk, almond milk or coconut milk, is just a great product! Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
It's a GREAT PRODUCT and my very Favorite flavor (SPIRU-TEIN Double Fudge Crunch Flavor)!! I've had a medical issue for many years and often am unable to eat anything solid. Without these I'd be in terrible shape!! Thank you! Bottom Line, Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
I started using it because I was not the best at eating breakfast and by surprise it helped my overall well -being. It gave me a feeling of being calm, less stressed. It is hard to explain, but I love it and my older son tried it and within a week his complexion started looking healthier.
I like the ingredients in this one (Exotic Red Fruit). It has lots of exotic fruits that I've read about as being Super Foods but can't buy here. The taste is like raspberry, and though I'm not a big raspberry fan, it's okay. I make breakfast smoothies with almond milk, frozen fruit, and various additives of my own, like MSM crystals, inositol, silica drops, hemp hearts, diatomaceous earth, Garden of Life probiotics, etc., and I'm set for the morning. I also use Garden of Life powder drink mixes. They don't taste as good as this one, but I like to give my tummy some variety.
The BEST protein powder I have returned to over the past 10 years. Coming from a male dominated bodybuilding family, they insist on using whey protein powder. I found that whey powder made me feel funny; as if my blood sugar was too low. It also bloated me (so did the protein isolate).
I began using Hemp protein powder, brown rice protein powder and Alive powders...always to return to SPIRU-TEIN. It gives me energy, can drink it in between meals to hold me over till mealtime, is loaded with vitamins, keeps my bowels moving regularly, doesn't bloat me, and tastes great!
I've been using this one for years (SPIRU-TEIN Exotic Red Fruit) and I always gladly come back to it. I add frozen blueberries or mixed berries, a spoon full of yogurt and a dash of flaxseeds for a zestier taste and added fiber. With a bit less almond milk or liquid of your choice it gets the consistency of a frozen yogurt. Great tasting shake!
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