BodyTech Perfectionist Serum

The BodyTech Perfectionist Serum by Marie France Bodyline was created with the busy modern woman in mind. In response to demands by clients for a formula that could handle a multitude of body woes, the slimming specialist came up with a serum that provides multiple benefits in just one product.
BodyTech Perfectionist Serum
Key Ingredients
Direction of use

Cafeisilane C

cAMP activation- An enzyme in the fat cells which able to assist in fats breaking activity. Cafeisilane C is a powerful double-acting complex with Caffeine and Organic Silicon that works in 2 ways by actively speeds up fat burning activity and diuretic effect, reduces water retention, and helps to repair, regenerates and heals.



Known as ‘Yellow Hornpoppy’ Extract, this ingredient has strong vaso-constrictor abilities which able to reduce swelling and prevent fats formation effectively.


Gentle & mild exfoliating that increases cell turnover to reveal newer, healthier skin cells, and imparts an all-over healthy glow. It also helps with hydration. Cells transitioning from below the skin’s surface to the topmost layer bring with them essential lipids and moisture.


The key ingredient REGESTRIL® effectively fight against elasticity loss and skin imperfections such as stretch marks, helping reduce their appearance while boosting skin moisturization and suppleness.

  • Lightweight texture serum easy for skin to absorb
  • Helps in fats breaking activity
  • Inhibits fat storage
  • Promote skin elasticity
  • Targets on stretchmarks with proven positive result

Every morning and evening, after shower, apply to body.

Massage in upwards motion, particularly over tummy, thighs, hip and arms areas.

*As causes for being overweight vary from person to person, weight loss results will also vary from person to person, dependant on various genetic or environmental factors such as food intake, individual rate of metabolism, level of exercise, etc. No individual result should be seen as typical.